Create a Custom Onboarding Portal

Impress your new hires with a world-class, web-based onboarding experience. Set up all onboardings, send invitations and follow up with reports and statistics.

The Boardon Portal for new Employees

Create Content


You create an introduction plan with tasks, learning content, push messages, and reminders in a timeline relative to the newcomer’s first day at work.

The content can be uploaded files, quizzes, articles as well as linked videos, and other external material. We also support the most common video services on the market including YouTube and Vimeo.

Send Invites


You can create templates for notifications and invitation texts that are personalised by using placeholders for personal info. You can also attach files to the notifications making the solution a powerful drip-feeder of content.

The invitation opens directly in the newcomer’s phone and/or as an email and you can link directly to the next relevant step in the timeline.

Add Newcomers


All you need to create a user is; name, email address, and/or phone number.

For bigger companies, the batch function or our API is useful when adding many users.

Don’t forget to activate internal resources like managers or buddies sending reminders to them connected to the users timeline; “Tomorrow you will greet a new staff member”.

Why onboarding?

Onboarding gives newcomers a chance to get prepared for their first day, to get a feel for the job and your organisation.

Studies also show it’s 69% more likely that an employee stays in the company for up to three years if they attend an organized onboarding program.

It’s very easy for the employee to get started with the onboarding using Boardon, no app to download, just a link on your mobile phone that takes you directly to the content.

So, sign up and get started today!

We are proud Sourceforge partners.

Boardon Timeline

Available languages

English (administration language), German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish

More languages can be added, contact us for more information.

Branded onboarding portal

Brand your portal with the company name, logo, and colors. It will give a professional and good first impression of your company!

Enterprise users can also change the CSS for the portal.


The timelines

The timeline is the backbone of the portal and makes it easy for you to administrate and structure the content. By using the timeline, you have the possibility to divide the content into learning nuggets and spread it out over time. You can also lock the order of the tasks in the timeline. There is no limit to how many timelines/plans you can have to adapt the onboarding to different target groups.


Just in time

By using reminders and message templates connected to the tasks, you can link directly into a specific task making the onboarding process super smooth for your newcomers. You can also make sure they do not miss anything with clear and visible indications of their progress.

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