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  • 4 active users
  • 50MB of storage
  • 10 Text messages/month
  • 3 administrators


  • 25 active users
  • 250MB of storage
  • 50 Text messages/month
  • 10 administrators


  • From €360 and up
  • Flexible users/storage
  • Flexible text messages/month
  • Startup packages

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Boardon helps you give your newcomers a great onboarding experience.

Send the invite directly after recruitment and your newcomer gets access to the introduction directly in the mobile. This gives him or her a chance to prepare and to get a feel for the job and your company. If there are things the newcomer needs to do before starting, all progress can be tracked with easy accessible reports.

It is 69% more likely that an employee stays in the company for up to three years if they attend an organised onboarding program.

Make it easy to manage the introduction

The team behind Boardon has many years of experience, creating tailor made introduction trainings. Learning from our customers, Boardon is built around the timeframe from recruitment to the first day at office. This logic helps setting a good process for the introduction. With Boardon it is easy to assemble different learning nuggets and placing them into a functioning introduction plan. Inviting a newcomer to the onboarding program, shouldn’t take more than a minute. The Boardon admin simplifies this process and makes it possible to even do it from your phone.

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It is extremely simple to create your own onboarding site, with your company’s logo and colors. Try it out today and get full access to the entire Boardon solution. The free account gives you 1 active user as long as you like. You are up and running in no time.

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